Power Ball Results NY last draw January 18, 2014

Check out if you are the Power Ball winner for the draw of Saturday the 18th (Jackpot of $113,000,000):

This page is not the official page for the NY Lottery. To confirm (accurately) the 01/18/14 results for the New-York State, visit the official website. There were 0 winning tickets for this draw n°201401180 If you think you won the Power Ball draw of Saturday 18th of January 2014, there are two possibilities. Either you won over $600 and you need to go at one of the NEW YORK LOTTERY CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS (you will also need to pay tax on these winnings). If you won $599 and less, simply go to any NY lottery retailer (for instance the one where you bought your ticket). If you have the following numbers for this draw : 13 14 19 31 38 25 , you have a f**king good chance (99,9999999%) of being the Power Ball winner. Do not forget to send us a picture of you with your winnings (or just a mail) if you checked your results on our website, and let us the party began! Relax and enjoy your winnings! Want to buy the new Ferrari F458? Just do it!

What are Power Ball "Hottest" Numbers?

Here are some statistics that you may find useful for the next Power Ball draw in New-York. The following numbers come really often over the last Power Ball draws. So it may be worth it :)

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
25 6 times
10 6 times
44 4 times
45 4 times
18 4 times

On the opposite, the following numbers of the Power Ball did not come out during the last 20 draws: 2 3 16 21 30 42 46 49 53

PowerBall What about the "Powerball" number ?

If we take a look at the last 20 draws, here is the list of the top 5 powerball numbers (and their number of occurrence) :

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
25 3 times
17 2 times
34 2 times
10 2 times
29 1 time

How to play Power Ball in New-York?

As far back as the 1800s, the United States has used lottery programs to generate money needed to build schools, bridges, roads and buildings. For example, rumor has it that Benjamin Franklin purchased Revolutionary War cannons with money from the lottery. In addition, lottery funds helped build universities such as Yale and Harvard as well as numerous libraries, hospitals and orphanages. However, segments of society objected to lotteries as immoral gambling, leading to statewide bans by 1890 (with the exception of Louisiana and Delaware) and an abolishment of the lottery by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1905.

Power Ball History

In 1934, the U.S. government created a lottery in Puerto Rico but the rest of mainland United States remained skeptical until the 1960s and 70s, when New Jersey and NY Lottery began sponsoring horse racing sweepstakes.

In 1988, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire created a joint lottery game for residents, followed a few years later with the creation of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MSLA). The MLSA formed a new game, called LottoAmerica, allowing players to pick six numbers out of 54 with two plays for $1.00.

On April 19, 1992, the MLSA created the Power Ball Lottery to replace LottoAmerica. The game was the first of its kind to use two drums, which means that several prize levels are possible and the jackpot odds get higher while the odds of winning get lower.

The Power Ball Lottery continues to be highly popular in America in many states, including the NY Lottery. Drawings are held twice a week, usually Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tickets cost $2.00 for each entry. In 2001, the Power Play optional multiplier was added to the Power Ball game, allowing winners to multiply potential winnings by up to 5 by paying $3.00 per game instead of $2.00.

On January 15, 2012, the minimum jackpot for the Power Ball became $40 million annually, paid in cash or in 30 graduated annual installments.

To date, the largest Power Ball jackpot hit on February 18, 2006, won by a group of employees at a meat packing plant who had gone in together on a ticket. They won $365 million.

Playing Power Ball

In order to participate in Power Ball, players must choose five numbers between the numbers 1 and 59. A machine randomly generates five numbers for the player, often called a Quick Pick, or the player may specifically choose each five numbers.

In order to win the jackpot, players must match all five white ball numbers and the red Power Ball number.

If the five white balls match but not the red Power Ball, the player wins $1,000,000 in a cash prize.

Do the numbers have to match in the exact order drawn?

Answer No, the white balls must match the five drawn numbers but can be in any numerical order. However, if multiple games are played on one ticket, you cannot combine numbers from different games to win.

How do I find out if I won?

Answer Go online to see if your ticket matches the winning lottery.

How do I claim my prize?

AnswerIf you win less than $600, you take can take the ticket back to the store where the ticket was purchased. You must cash your ticket in the original purchase state but you can do so at any authorized retailer. Just look for the lottery sign in the window, such as the NY Lottery logo. If you win that big jackpot, you must take the ticket to the regional lottery office, where the state will give you a check (after releasing your name and city of residence as well as encouraging you to do a press conference).

Do tickets expire?

Answer Yes, usually between 90 days and one year. Check the back of the ticket for information.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Answer Yes, U.S. residents must pay federal and state income taxes on their winnings.

Interesting Lottery Facts?

AnswerGambling of any kind lends itself to some interesting facts about the population that plays the game. For instance, approximately 40 percent of California lottery players are unemployed and individuals in Georgia who make less than $25,000 per year spend three times as much money on lottery tickets than those who earn at least $75,000.

In addition, you only have a 1 in 54 million chance to win a U.S. lottery jackpot. However, you have a 1 in 2 million chance of being struck by lightning, a 1 in 3 million chance of freezing to death and you are 5 times more likely to be eaten by a shark than win the lottery.

Sharks notwithstanding, you never know, today may be your lucky day!

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